I grew up in the “steel town” of Hamilton Ontario in a modest neighborhood. When we had art classes in my primary years, it was the highlight of my week. I couldn’t get enough of any medium. Our next door neighbor was a teacher and she would give me the left over art supplies from her classroom at the end of the school year. I felt like I won the lottery!

I continued to study art throughout high school and had two very inspirational teachers.

Getting married fresh out of high school, I continued to express my artistic creativity by becoming a hairstylist and entrepreneur. I always felt, and still do feel fortunate and blessed to be able to “work with my hands”.

A week long painting course with Mary Wallace in 2011 brought back my passion for painting and Mary’s encouragement gave me new found confidence.  At the end of the class Mary whispered in my ear “just paint, you should paint”. Now it is hard for me to look at a simple sky or a tree and not think “how can I paint that?”

We retired in 2011 and nowI have time to play!  My medium of choice is oils and acrylics and I am inspired by the raw beauty surrounding us. Algonquin Park, Limberlost forest,  the York River, rock faces, sunsets, I love it all.

With the support of my colleges and through the sales of my work, I truly feel that I have once again won the lottery!